Vincent Masuka – C.S. Lee

Vince Masuka C.S.Lee

Vince had been working in the laboratory and in the crime scenes with his partner, Dexter. Among his colleagues, Vince is always known for cracking overtones. He is very much knowledgeable of many sexual subject matters, which makes others look at him as someone who is extremely perverted.

Dexter co-star C.S. Lee got bitten by the acting bug in high school and instantly knew what he wanted to do in life. Born in South Korea and raised in Washington State, the aspiring actor soon earned a full scholarship to Cornish College of the Arts and earned his BFA. Later, after earning his MFA from the Yale School of Drama (where he was also honored with a Carol Dye Acting Award), Lee worked the New York stage alongside such talents as Mia Katigbak and Mac Wellman for eight years in addition to becoming involved with community theater. Early appearances on the small screen included bits in Spin City, Guiding Light, and Law & Order (a role which seemed to foreshadow his later success in Dexter), with the occasional feature role (Random Hearts and The Stepford Wives) helping to keep Lee busy between small-screen runs. Voice-over work in such video games as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories offered Lee a welcomed opportunity to have a little fun behind the microphone, and after brief recurring appearances in Law & Order: Criminal Intent and The Sopranos, the hardworking actor joined the cast of Dexter as wisecracking forensics specialist Vincent Masuka.

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