Dexter Season 6 Finale Teasers

Dexter Morgan

Taken from a post at IMDB, this are the major, hints teasers and spoilers about the season 6 finale episode of Dexter, “This Is the Way the World Ends”.  

 Episode 12 is great entertainment. If you’ve seen the previews, you know the stakes are high and personal. When we first see Dexter, he’s floating in the middle of the ocean, desperately clinging to the debris of the rowboat. Although we know that Dexter will survive, there’s a helpless desperation that we haven’t seen in him for some time. He’s resigned himself to the fact that he’s going to die and finds it ironically fitting that his body will vanish into the sea without a trace. His deepest fear and regret isn’t death itself, but that he will never see Harrison grow up and become a man. It’s a great way to start the episode.   

If Jennifer Carpenter gets any kind of award consideration this year, guaranteed her highlight clip will be pulled from this episode.  

Colin Hanks goes out on a fairly strong note. If you’re a Hanks hater, nothing will change your mind here, but he looks worn down and weathered in a few scenes achieving the right amount of menace. 

 If you’ve enjoyed Season 6 so far, then Episode 12 is a nice capper on the continuing adventures of Dexter Morgan.

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