Can Dexter Have A Happy Ending?


After season six of Dexter concludes this Sunday, the show is slated for only another two seasons. PARADE spoke to the Michael C. Hall about the much-anticipated finale and saying goodbye to Dexter Morgan, the oddly endearing serial killer he plays on the show. Calling in from New York after a breathtaking trip to New Zealand to support the show, Hall tiptoed around details, but one thing was clear: There will be many surprises ahead.  “There is a sense of resolution, but there is some pretty fundamentally earthshaking things that happen as well,” says Hall about Sunday’s finale. Acknowledging that his statement left one wanting more, he added with a laugh, “I’m like Dexter’s press secretary, so I have to saying something without saying anything.” 

As for Deb and her Dexter romance: “The story has certainly been moving towards some sort of epiphany or recognition on her part. I think from the beginning, storytelling-wise, Dexter and Deb had a relationship that is as central to the story of the show as any. To the extent that they’ve been moving towards each other one way or another. That’s been in the cards since the beginning. Obviously, we’ve been through things personally, but we remain dear friends and fiercely committed to our work as actors on the show.” 

Can Dexter have a happy ending? “I don’t know about a happy ending. I think the question is what happens to him. Is he done in? Does he do himself in? Does he get away with it? But even if he gets away with it at this point, there have been a lot of ramifications for his behavior already. What the final verdict will be for him specifically, I can’t say. As for a happy ending, I don’t think we’re in that territory.” 

Dexter gets in touch with his emotions. “I think we’re meant to be skeptical about Dexter’s claims of inhumanity when we first meet him. At this point, especially given Dexter’s seemingly authentic connection to his role as a father and to his son. I think it’s difficult to argue that he’s without the capacity of human emotion. But his ability to compartmentalize has probably developed as much as anything.”  

“I couldn’t have really imagined the past ten years, and I would like to believe that the next ten years for me have things in store that I couldn’t quite imagine right now. I would love to return to the stage. I’d love to do film. Eventually, I would like to do another television series, but it’s not really at the top of my list after the past two. But I don’t know. I’d love to mix things up and take jobs that have a foreseeable beginning, middle and end as opposed to these open-ended characters and people surrounded by dead bodies.”


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