Harry Morgan – James Remar

Harry Morgan James Remar

Harry is a street-wise police detective who spotted young Dexter’s passion for human vivisection and helped his son channel his homicidal impulses in a more constructive pursuit: the deliverance of vigilante justice. Morgan taught him to blend into the “normal” world by day and use his “talents and interests” in a constructive way at night by eliminating heinous perpetrators who think they’re above the law or who may have slipped through the cracks of justice.

Dexter – Michael C. Hall

Dexter Michael C Hall

Dexter is an extremely likeable, charming blood splatter expert for the Miami Police Department. But hiding beneath the mundane exterior hides a different Dexter, one obsessed with meting his own twisted brand of justice by stalking and murdering the guilty. He’s the perfect psychopath for the job because, in his own words, he cares “.about people as much as he cares about lawn furniture.”