Dexter Season 9 – Michael C. Hall Reprising The Role?

“Dexter” may be coming back for more blood, as Showtime mulls a revival with series star Michael C. HallRecently, it has come to light the reason the show has not been renewed for season nine quite yet. 

Showtime has expressed an interest in renewing the show since 2014; however, it appears that Michael C. Hall may be the one delaying production at this point, according to  Hollywood Life. In an interview in late 2014, Gary Levine stated they had a general outline of the season, and just needed Showtime to agree and sign actors’ contracts. It was a letdown a few months later when it was discovered that it didn’t work out, and “Dexter” was pushed aside once again.

ScreenCrush reports that David Nevins, the head of Showtime, recently spoke at the TCA press tour panel, where he talked about the idea of resurrecting old series, including “Dexter”. 

“Dexter is the one show that I would think about [continuing]. It’s a question of when the timing is right. If there’s a willingness to do it, I would certainly listen. Certainly I’d look at Dexter,” he said.  

All the core cast members have agreed to return to the show, except Michael C. Hall. To continue with the series, Michael C. Hall will have to agree to reprise the role. Showtime has stated multiple times, they will not recast the role of Dexter Morgan.  

“Dexter” aired on Showtime for 8 seasons, between 2006 and 2013, and it remains as one of the network’s most popular series to date.


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53 Responses to Dexter Season 9 – Michael C. Hall Reprising The Role?

  1. Eric Wright Jr.if only they could get Michael C. Hall to agree! Lol.

  2. Come on, Mr. Hall, let Dexter & his dark side come out to play again, your fans promise to be nice! 💀😉

  3. Bring Dexter back!!!! Come on Mr.Hall we need Dexter back!!!

  4. Stacey Louise Mather oh my goddddd I hope this happens xxx

  5. Omg please Mr Hall let Dexter come back I am having huge withdrawal symptoms. I love Dexter his gorgeous please!!!!!! We are begging you

  6. Michael C. Hall you’re such an amazing actor so rich in all of your talents. Returning to Dexter would be such a great honor to your many fans. We miss you and the crew. We openly await you and a new Dexter crew, hopefully soon to be our next reality for many years to come. Please find time to juggle all of your loves as you keep enriching us with your gifts. May God keep you healthy and content in all you choose to do. Amen.

  7. This same story has been popping up since the show ended, with absolutely nothing to report.

  8. What do I have to do to bring Michael to reprise his role again?

  9. I want moar Dexterrrr :’< I miss watching him <3 😻😻😻

  10. DEB needs to take the place of HARRY in Dexter’s head!!!!! She is the best!

  11. Corlee Lexi Hall ! What’s he waiting for?! LoL

  12. Omg please bring DEXTER bk !! Miss it so much,having withdrawal symptoms lol x

  13. Is he going to have a time machine to go erase that last season?

  14. I’m missing you Dexter . . . 💜. . . Michael C.Hall . . . YOU are soo WONDERFUL . . . Please RETURN ! ! !

  15. Bring it back just to end it properly.

  16. Aaron Whittemore !!!!!!! read this

  17. Ohh please do boss please do !!!

  18. Barbara Najera …I hope they bring it back

  19. Please please please let Dexter come back my husband and I loved this show

  20. Only reason it should come back is if it was to give it the proper send off it deserved. Not the shower of shit season 8 was. Claire Louise Robinson

  21. you fucked up the final episode..didn’t you?

  22. Oh Michael please come back to us!!!!! I want this sooo bad I miss you soooo much!!!! I have a sick obsession with dexter and would give anything for one more season!!!!!! Pretty please with sugar on top lol

  23. Shirley Amsterdam omg is this real

  24. Just bring him back for God’s sake!!!

  25. Yes please I hated the ending ! Love Michael C Hall he is the best!

  26. Eu acho que teremos uma nova temporada, garotinha. Myrna Xavier

  27. Staci Vanetta I hope it comes back!!!!!!!!!!! How you liking it so far?

  28. TIENES QUE LEER ESTO Vale Martínez

  29. Cé Palombo nouvelle saison ????

  30. Please come back Dexter you’ve been away to long

  31. “…all cast members have agreed to return to the show, except Michael C. Hall” (!). Michael…?

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