Sean Patrick Flanery On His Role On Dexter Season 8 And Series Finale

Sean Patrick Flanery Dexter Season 8 had the chance to talk to new “Dexter” season 8 recurring star Sean Patrick Flanery, to find out what’s in store for Dex and Deb, his character and series finale. Read the interview below.  

Sean Patrick Flanery’s character, Jacob Elroy, is an ex-cop-turned-PI who gets involved with Dexter’s sister …  

“He owns a private investigation firm, he’s an ex-cop and the majority of his dealings are with Debra Morgan,” Flanery, 47, told host Rachel Smith. “So I can’t really expound any further than that but shenanigans ensue.” 

Is he Debra’s new love interest? 

“I can’t say,” Flanery said, when asked. “I can’t say with any conviction.”  

Will Jacob get along with Dexter and Debra?

“Yeah,” Flanery said. “Yeah, yes, I can tell you that. I’ve got a great relationship with, more so with one than the other but yeah, it’s a good relationship.” 

What’s Jacob’s personality like?

“He’s a little bit of a flamboyant, kind of a more of an aggressive fella,” Flanery told “He’s very, very, very different than I am, kind of an egoist. Yeah, yeah. He’s an elitist. A little but pompous. He does happen to be from Texas. Yeah. So there’s some similarity there.” 

Fans will be “very satisfied” with the finale, Sean Patrick Flanery says.“I love the way that they plan to wrap things up and I think everybody’s gonna be very satisfied,” Flanery told “It’s not going to be a loss, where people are like, ‘Oh, are you kidding me? That’s the end of it? That’s how you wrap it up?'” he added. “No, I think people are going to go like, ‘Ahhhh.” They’re going to be well-satisfied.” 

Will he showcase some martial arts moves on “Dexter”? 

“Well I will tell you this — when I was doing my research for ‘Dexter,’ I came across an episode where Dexter actually discloses that he is a Brazilian Ju Jitsu expert … it’s going down,” Flanery joked, adding: “I thought it was wildly coincidental.”

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