Sam Underwood Discusses His Role On “Dexter” Season 8

Dexter Season 8 Episode 8 "Are We There Yet?" Stills

Sam Underwood, who plays Zach Hamilton in season 8 of “Dexter”, talks about his role in a recent interview for Examiner. Read it below. 

“I’m always drawn to the character first. I really just follow, or try to chase, what is well-written and really interesting to me,” Underwood said when LA TV Insider Examiner sat down with him in Los Angeles. “I just want to do good material. If I’m right for it, and it connects with me, and the material is good, I’m not going to say ‘I’m just going to do this’ or ‘I have to do one of everything.’ I’m not thinking like that… I find it fascinating [to] really delve into a personality that has so many different complexes.”

Underwood got the role of Zach Hamilton, Dexter Morgan’s prey-turned-protégé off of sides that “showed…a deeply disturbed kid that has a lust for [killing] but who also acknowledges the fact that he knows this isn’t right.”  With this direction, Underwood immediately understood Zach not as a true sociopath but as a guy with an addiction who is putting on a front to hide his demons, and that informed just how closely the character should mirror Dexter’s own. This helped Underwood tap into the minutia that made Zach tick from minute one. “When I did the play Equus, how I tapped into that character Alan Strang’s kind of compulsion and identity was that it came from a place of passion and religiousness, and so I always use passion as a very proactive and positive thing to move towards. In a weird way, for Zach, you know the passion, lust, it’s kind of like the same thing. So once you’ve had a taste of something [and] you want more, [it’s easy to get swept up],” Underwood said. 

“It came more from a drive, a lust, a ‘There’s something I need to fulfill. I don’t know quite what it is yet.’ It’s exactly what Dexter [went] through as a kid. He wants to be known as creepy [in the beginning]. I think that’s how he isolates himself [which] he does. Even when Dexter comes into his life, he wants to still kind of have that affect on people… Once all of the cards are on the table, and for the first time he found a connection with someone, Zach actually is a little bit awkward—well, a lot awkward—and he has very silly, quirky moments about him. [It’s much] more than just that creepiness; he’s actually waiting for someone to understand him…and as soon as Dexter does, he wants to show off and make a connection. And then when he fails or he thinks he fails, it’s a big deal for him. It’s such a roller coaster, which makes it interesting.” 

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