Michael C. Hall Answers 6 Questions About Interior Design

Michael C. Hall Answers 6 Questions About Interior Designs

Michael C. Hall proves he knows more than a thing or two about interiors. The former “Dexter” star answers six questions regarding interior design for Lonny Magazine. Read them below. 

Where did your interest in design come from?  

I spent 10 weeks studying and living in Austria when I was in college, and fell in love with the art and architecture of fin-de-siecle Vienna. That was probably the first time I became aware of an interest.  

What’s the first thing people comment on when they come over? 

The generous proportions of the rooms and the abundant light.  

Aside from the Powder Room, what immediately attracted you to the house?

The fusion of Spanish – style architecture with a colonial floor plan was a turn-on. 

Is there anything that made its way into your art collection in an unexpected manner?

The photo of Sitting Bull with the caption “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children” was left in the Hollywood house I owned previously. I think that one will always stay with me.  

What is your favourite piece in the house?

The orange bench in the kitchen, which is mid-1960s and originally from a German university. Its sturdy structure and bold color soothes and reassures me. And it is remarkably comfortable. It’s a forever piece, for sure. 

Given the fact that you recently put your place on the market, what will your defining memory of it be? 

The way it feels. Simultaneously open and cozy. Private yet inviting. There are so many wonderful places to be, but I think my favorite spot is sitting at the head of the dining table, looking down its length with a view straight out the living room window. 

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    How about decorating a KILL ROOM?!

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