Michael C. Hall About Filming The Killing Scenes On ‘Dexter’

Michael C. Hall Dexter Killing Scenes

“Dexter” actor Michael C. Hall has revealed that filming killing scenes isn’t always as fun as it looks. The actor admitted the screen murders can be quite challenging to shoot logistically. 

“Sometimes I got tired of the pure logistics of filming a kill, you know, especially when you’re cutting somebody’s face and there’s blood involved. It’s a very logistically complicated process. And I suppose there are some days where I didn’t really feel like pretending to kill somebody,” he said.

“Though for the character, those are always very satisfying and cathartic scenes in their way. So for the most part, I think playing those scenes always felt well. There was a collective sense of focus on the set and I think the crew always looked forward to those scenes. Sometimes you don’t necessarily feel connected to or invested in the way you wish you could be or have been in the past about something you’re doing at work, and that might include pretending to kill somebody frankly. I’ve dealt with that. That’s when it’s time to rely on your technique or professionalism. For the most part I think the kill scenes always sort of get to the nugget of who Dexter really is and what really drives him.” 

source: Independent woman

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