Doakes – Erik King

Sgt. James Doakes is a brilliant Special Forces operative in Haiti with an experience of fifteen to twenty years, backing him to be a dependable Homicide detective. He ended up becoming the prime suspect known as the Bay Harbor Butcher, and was later on revealed having an abusive father. He doesn’t like Dexter despite his aura of innocent-seeming, cheerful young person, because Dexter gets into his nerves. The seemingly passion of blood analysis and splats of Dexter unnerves him, especially when Dexter is most of the time had correct analysis on the serial killer’s cases. He couldn’t get to understand why Dexter is always at the right time and place of the murder.

Erik King appeared in the blockbuster adventure National Treasure opposite Nicholas Cage, Desperate Measures with Michael Keaton and a number of other feature films. King starred in the series Oz as the character ‘Moses Deyell.’ His other episodic work includes Malcolm In The Middle, Charmed and CSI: Miami. King appeared on The District as ‘Travis Hayward,’ as well as CBS’ Touched by an Angel. King’s earlier career proves he is no stranger to crime dramas as he has also starred in major series such as Matlock, NYPD Blue and JAG on NBC.

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