Dexter Season 7 – Yvonne Strahovski More Of A Mystery Woman

Yvonne Strahovski Dexter Season 7

On ‘Dexter’ season 7 Yvonne Strahovski plays Hannah McKay, a woman with a dark past, who when she was younger was apparently the companion of a serial killer. A major homicide investigation brings her to the attention of the Miami police department and crime-scene investigator Dexter.

Very little has been revealed about Strahovski’s character or the direction the show is headed. “It’s a different kind of action. There’s a lot of juicy secrets that she has in her past that will come to life quite quickly,” the actress reveals. “The audience will be satisfied very quickly where my character comes from and where she fits in the world of `Dexter.’ And they will be doing something on the show this season that’s never been done before.”

Offered the role of Hannah without auditioning, the actress says she was flattered when the producers called her up. Though she had watched some of the show over the years, she then watched all six seasons in three weeks to catch up. She adds that she quickly overcame feeling like the new kid on the block when she arrived on the set of “Dexter.” “Everybody was so welcoming,” the actress says. “I’ve spent the majority of my time with Michael, who is extremely generous, very much an actor’s actor and so easy to work with. He’s amazing to watch and observe as well.”  

Yvonne Strahovski hopes “Dexter” will offer her a chance to delve into characters that she hasn’t played before. And for now, Los Angeles is her home. “I enjoy living in L.A.,” she says. “This is where the work is — or at least generated from because you fly off and do movies. It’s sort of a great way to see the world.”

source: Daily News

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