Dexter Season 7 Preview

Dexter Season 7

Showtime’s hit series Dexter is back – and Season 7 promises to be the most talked-about yet. Here’s a look at what’s ahead this season via Starpulse. WARNING….SPOILERS!

The new season picks up after the previous one’s explosive cliffhanger, and we find out through flashbacks exactly what happened after Deb discovered Dex  killing Travis Marshall. Fans have been waiting for her to catch on from the very beginning of the series, and the scene more than lives up to those high expectations, with fantastic work by both Carpenter and Hall. By the end of the premiere, Deb knows that her brother is a serial killer, and in episode two she learns some of his resume. That’s not the point of the season – it’s the “now what?”

In other developments, a supporting character is murdered early in the premiere episode, giving Dexter a fresh target while the detectives of Miami Metro conduct their own search for the killer. Batista  goes head-to-head with a strip club boss. leaving Quinn  to play the “good cop” – as much as he can manage to, anyway. It’s not long before he’s asking a dancer at the club out on a date – starting the same general story he went through in season four and season six. We also learn more about the dark side of Louis the Intern, while Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski makes her first appearance as Hannah Mackay in episode three, albeit briefly. There’s a lot more that could be done with the cops and criminals than is seen in the first three episodes, and hopefully they’ll develop as the season progresses.

Yet the ensemble cast are essentially supporting players. This is Hall and Carpenter’s show, and it’s still easy to see why he’s won awards for his work, and still baffling why she hasn’t yet. While Dexter tries to control himself out of concern for what will happen to Deb, she goes through a variety of emotions including fear, anger and a desperation to understand what makes her brother tick. The majority of their scenes are strictly between the two of them, and each one challenges the bond between the pair that’s become the foundation of the series. These are two strong actors working on material that’s been years in the making, and they’re excellent with it.

While Season 7 has room for improvement, it gets the Dexter story to a place it needed to go, and watching Hall and Carpenter alone is worth the hour of your time every Sunday.

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