Dexter Season 7 Finale Best Quotes

Dexter Season 7 Finale Quotes

Here are the best quotes of “Dexter” season 7 finale. Read them after the jump.

  • “You had a choice. You were supposed to choose me.” – Hannah
  • “If you’re worried I’m gonna tell people what you are then don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.” – Hannah
  • “I want you to know if there was another any way to keep Deb safe I would have found it.” – Dexter
  • “You’re the only person in the world I don’t have to hide anything from. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you.” – Dexter
  • “I tried to kill Hannah but couldn’t. I want to hate her for what she did to Deb but can’t.” – Dexter
  • “She thinks your brother is the Bay Harbor Butcher. How is that even possible?” – Angel
  • “Sometimes it only takes a moment to reveal what we really are.” – Dexter
  • “Get on your knees and start kissing anything that even remotely resembles an ass.” – Tom Matthews
  • “You’re the Lieutenant of Homicide and you wear a big shiny badge and yet you know exactly what your brother is.” – Hannah
  • “I think I’m not the only one who made a mistake trying to protect someone that I care about.” – LaGuerta
  • “I guess some bonds are unbreakable. We never leave behind the ones we love.” – Dexter
  • “I think it’s time to run, Dexter” – Harry
  • “Somewhere along the line the fake life that we created as a cover for me to kill became real. It’s not fake to me anymore. I don’t want to lose it.” – Dexter
  • “I can’t let Deb go down for what I’ve done.” – Dexter
  • “It was a mistake to try to act human in front of Doakes. All I did was reveal how fake I was.” – Dexter
  • “Now this is a kill I’ve been looking for to a long time.” – Dexter
  • “I’ve never killed for normal reasons. I used to think I was special, a special kind of killer but tonight I’m not.” – Dexter
  • “We all make rules for ourselves. It’s these rules that help to find who we are so when we brake those rules we risk losing ourselves and become something unknown. Who is Deb now? Who am I? Is this a new beginning or the beginning of the end?” – Dexter
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