Dexter Season 7 Episode 7 “Chemistry” Best Quotes

Dexter Season 7 Episode 7 Chemistry

Here are the best quotes of “Dexter” season 7 episode 7 “Chemistry”. Read them after the jump.

  • “Chemistry. I’ve heard some people have it. An attraction that can’t be qualified or explained. Is that the reason behind this? Loss of control?” – Dexter
  • “I like interacting with people face to face. Especially when their face look like yours.” – Price
  • “I only go after killers. It’s the Code I live by.” – Dexter
  • “I think you’re just afraid to admit that you enjoy killing.” – Hannah
  • “She isn’t drawn to my darkness like Lila or blind to it like Rita and she doesn’t need it like Lumen. She accepts both sides of me. The whole Dexter. So why am I walking away from this? Because when two chemicals mix they combust and explode.” – Dexter
  • “I have a feeling you’re a different kind of animal. Question is: what kind of animal are you, Dexter Morgan?” – Isaac
  • “Hannah survived Deb’s questioning but she might not make it through mine.” – Dexter
  • “When some elements come together they create a reaction that can’t be reversed. The transcend chemistry. Is this what love feels like? Is this how it begins? Am I even capable of this?” – Dexter
  • “She deserves it. I want you to make it right. Do what you do.” – Deb
  • “Do you realize what happened? We were looking out for each other. That’s big for people like us, maybe even historic.” – Hannah
  • “Miami is still overcrowded…by one.” – Isaac
  • “I can’t even have a drink with someone without them dying.” – Deb
  • “Just tell me something. You’re not gonna try and kill me again, are you, because I feel like I have the right to know.” – Hannah
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4 Responses to Dexter Season 7 Episode 7 “Chemistry” Best Quotes

  1. Judy says:

    I think it’s the “whole Dexter”, not the “hole Dexter”- although Dexter’s character is missing something-humanity.

  2. GROMIT35 says:

    I’m surprised no quotes were included from the Hannah – Dexter interplay in the car. When she says “Hope you’re not going to try to kill me again” in SUCH a calm way I almost expected her to continue…..don’t do it on a Tuesday, it’s a busy day for me…and Friday…I wash my hair on a Friday ! Hannah is such a GREAT character for the lovely Yvonne to play.

    • Darkly Dexter says:

      I will update the post with more quotes, and you can also submit your favorite ones in case they are missing from the article

  3. “Bad habits are hard to die…”

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