Dexter Season 7 Episode 6 “Do The Wrong Thing” Best Quotes

Dexter Season 7 Episode 6 Do The Wrong Thing

Here are the best quotes of “Dexter” season 7 episode 6 titled “Do The Wrong Thing”. Read more after the jump.

  • “I saw the way she touched her trophies – nostalgic. When you like to kill you don’t just stop.” – Dexter
  • “What about poison? That’s the way women usually kill. Safe. Detached.” – Dexter
  • “I’m a good cop. I just like money.” – Quinn
  • “I started looking into the open cases. I figured a lot of homicide suspects vanish into thin air. What if The Butcher took some of them out?” – LaGuerta
  • “You moved your girlfriend into the house where Trinity murdered your wife so you could kill together?” – Deb
  • “I really need to kill someone.” – Dexter
  • “Maybe she set her sights on a new target. You’re after her. Who’s to say she isn’t after you?” – Harry
  • “Studies show that man who retire are usually dead in 5 years. It’s a fact. Look it up.” – Masuka
  • “Some of us get what we want and we’re happy. But some of us are never satisfied.” – Dexter
  • “I’d really like to avoid killing anyone in here — they can get in the way of my being released” – Isaac
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