Dexter Season 7 Episode 4 “Run” – Best Quotes

Dexter Season 7 Episode 4 "Run"

 The best quotes of “Dexter” season 7 episode 4 titled “Run”. Read them after the jump.

  • “I could have prevented that murder and Deb accepts that. But she hasn’t accepted me. What I am…And I’m not sure she ever will.”  – Dexter
  • “Killers hate to leave their trophies behind.” – Dexter
  • “I don’t run. I make people run. However, I do run if there’s a a bull coming after me with an ax.” – Dexter
  • “Is that why you came here, to prove some fucking point that everybody wants someone dead?” – Deb
  • “Everything’s different now. The memory of killing you will have to be enough.” – Dexter
  • “She’s a dancer … She just doesn’t keep a lot of her clothes on.” – Quinn
  • “I’m already a cliché. I don’t need to add stripper to that list.” – Batista
  • “Speltzer may have a lizard brain like me, but his shortcoming is he doesn’t have much of a human brain.” – Dexter
  • “Nothing’s really all that different, Deb. The only thing that’s changed is now you know more about me.” – Dexter
  •  “I’m the same person I’ve always been. Your brother, the same person who will always be there for you. Maybe the question is whether you’ll be there for me.” – Dexter
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