Dexter Season 7 ‘Buck The System’ Additional Casting Call

Dexter Season 7

Dexter Season 7 episode 3 ‘Buck The System’ additional casting call. The episode begins shooting on June 15, it is written by Jace Richdale (6.06 “Just Let Go”) and directed by Stefan Schwartz. ‘Buck the System’ officially airs on October 14, 2012. More after the jump.

MELANIE 30, Caucasian, pretty, fit. She is a cocktail waitress in a regular bar. Co-Star.

IT GUY 30s, smart, he is a computer guy. 4 Lines/1 Scene. 

SUSPECT Male, 30s to mid 40s, Caucasian. He is a foul-mouthed, sketchy, blue-collar, cocky suspect in a police interrogation room. 4 Lines/1 Scene. 

UNI 30s, Latino, fit. He is a uniformed officer at Miami Metro Homicide. 1 Line/1 Scene.

 source: SpoilerTV

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