Dexter “This Is The Way The World Ends” Best Episode Ever

Dexter Season 6

Ology presents: The 50 Best TV Episodes Ever 2012, a top list of the 50 greatest episodes for the class of 2011-2012.

Dexter stands on no. 26 with Season 6 finale ‘This Is The Way The World Ends‘. The good and bad of Dexter’s adrenaline-pumping sixth season finale? None of it—not Dex’s narrow escapes from death, not Colin Hanks’ chilling performance as Travis Marshall in his final hours of life, not the revelation that Quinn may be transferring, not the discovery that creepy intern Louis may become the series’ greatest enemy yet—matters at all when it comes to the shocker of all shockers, a game-changer six years in the making: in the fantastically captured final scene, Debra Morgan finally catches her brother (whom she might be in love with, by the way) stabbing his latest nemesis right through the chest. Now there’s a heart stopper. Terron R. Moore

 ‘This Is The Way The World Ends’ aired on December 18, 2012.

Dexter Season 6 On Blu-Ray Up For Pre-Order

Dexter TV Show

 Your friendly neighborhood serial killer will be back on Blu-ray in the coming months, and pre-orders are already live… unlike Dexter’s victims. 

 In an early announcement to retailers, Showtime’s ‘Dexter: The Sixth Season’ is getting ready to slice up Blu-ray this year. Specs, supplements, and a release date have not been set yet, but suggested list price for the Blu-ray is set at $65.99. You can find the latest specs for ‘Dexter: The Sixth Season’ on Blu-ray Release Schedule, where it’s indexed under PENDING. 


Dexter Season 6 Posters By Ty Mattson


Vahalla Studios loves making prints for Dexter and so they made a promotional video for the release of Dexter’s season 6 prints designed by Ty Mattson of Mattson Creative

 The posters can be purchased from Dexter’s Showtime store.

 The video is directed, filmed and edited by Bret McAfee, along with the wonderful help of Neal Troester of Lemon Lime Photography  

 source: vimeo

Vahalla Studios creating Dexter season 6 posters by Ty Mattson from Dan Padavic on Vimeo.

Best Season 6 Quotes

Dexter TV Show    

 I have no idea what ‘hammer time’ is… or how it differs from regular time. – Those Kinds Of Things  

 There are times in our lives when everything seems to go wrong. When despite our best efforts, and for no apparent rhyme or reason, tragedy strikes…. And there are other times when everything goes just perfectly. That’s how the last year has been for me.  

I’ve learned that periods of darkness can overcome us at any time. But I’ve also found that I’m able to endure, overcome, and in the process grown stronger. Smarter. Better. All is well in my little corner of the world. 

  High school. A small world onto itself, combining all the warmest elements of a federal work camp with those of a third world poultry farm. It’s a miracle I graduated without killing anyone. 

 Most people don’t have two rolls of duct tape, eighty yards of plastic sheeting and a surgical saw in their trunk. 

 Life is good. I’m not at all unhappy – I’m quite content to go about my life believing in nothing, with no fear that there might be something more out there…. But I also have a son, and I also have to think about what he wants, and what’s best for him, because who knows? Maybe he’ll grow up to be someone who wants to think about…those kinds of things.

Dexter TV Show

I am a father… a son… a serial killer. – This Is The Way The World Ends 

  I known people who believe in God. They never use as excuse their faith to kill ten people. You used God. It’s not the other way around. 

 I think I belong right here. Because maybe there’s a place for me in this world. Just as I am. Light cannot exist without darkness. Each has it purpose. And if there’s a purpose to my darkness maybe it is to bring some balance to the world. 

Then it must be God’s plan that you’re on my table. You think it’s God’s will that I’m about to kill you? God has nothing to do with this! You are wrapped in plastic because I want to kill you! 

 This… is the way the world ends. Your world anyway. 

 Whether you’re a lion or a lamb, I’ll always love you.   

  How could you possibly know what it’s like to take a life? Why would you even want to?

Dexter TV Show

Dexter Morgan: You don’t know me.

 Brother Sam: Yes, I do. I know about your darkness, but I also see your light.   

Dexter Morgan: If there’s light in me I don’t feel it, I just wanna hurt Nick, you don’t know much I wanna hurt him.    

Brother Sam:  You need to forgive him.

 Dexter Morgan: I don’t know how.

Brother Sam: Just let it go, you can’t live with the hate in your heart, it’ll eat u up inside. You gotta find some peace in life. 

 Dexter Morgan: Nick doesn’t deserve it.  

Brother Sam: It ain’t about him, Dexter, if u don’t let that darkness go it wont let go ‘a you. Let it go, let it go. – Just Let Go    

 Harry: Sam has traveled both roads that he understand the darkness in you… and he sees the light. I wish I did. Maybe things could have been different. 
Dexter: “What if’s” are a waste of time. I’ve accepted my dark passenger. 
Harry: But there’s more to you than that.

Dexter TV Show

 Wolves come in many forms. Some have big eyes; the better to see you with. Others huff and puff. Or others hide in the plain side. I should know because, like it or not, I am one, too! That’s never going to change. And neither is the fact my little lamb is becoming a little boy. Walking. Talking. Listening. As much as I want Harrison to stay this way forever, from now on, the only wolves in his life have to be the stuff of fairy tales. I can no longer allow him to see the real me. Only the version that’s make believe. It’s the only way this story gets to have a happy ending. – Once Upon A Time  

If Brother Sam believes in giving men like this a second chance… who am I to deny him one on my table?  

Rituals are important. Not only for a serial killer, but also for a two-year-old if you want him to go to bed on time. Not that I mind. This ritual has become my favorite. Bedtime, alone with my son. Being myself.   

Dexter TV Show

We all want life to have some kind of meaning. Seems the older we get, the harder we look for it. And the harder it is to find. And some of us just look in the wrong place. But if our lives don’t have meaning, what can we leave behind for those we care about? – Smokey And The Bandit 

 Harry: I remember when I found that under your bed. I would have rather it had been a stack of Playboys. Most kids in the 8th grade where obsessed with their favorite baseball players. You tried serial killers   

 I don’t know which slide goes where, who is who. There’s no order anymore.

Dexter TV Show

  I was drawn to science out of curiosity. Any questions I had, the answers were already there, but even science is never certain, even the soundest of theories is subject to new data. And there are some things even science can’t explain. Brother Sam would say it’s not an accident that I’ve stumbled onto a killer that seems to have his own kind of faith. And while I don’t believe in an unseen hand creating his own tableau, I do believe I don’t have all the answers. – A Horse Of A Different Color  

That’s the look of a man with faith. I’ve seen it before on Brother Sam. Whatever this guys believes, he knows it to be true. 

 Dexter TV Show

It seems his message is more important than the thrill – The Angel Of Death 

 I understand the urge to end someone’s life, but what is this fascination with ending the world?  

If I find Travis Marshall to be guilty, then I will snuff out his light  

Dexter TV Show

Harry: This has become very important to you, killing Travis’ Dark Passenger. I would have done anything for a chance to get rid of yours – Get Gellar 

 Gellar hasn’t seen wrath, until he’s seen mine  

I don’t care about being a better person. It’s too late for that  

Dexter TV Show

 Did Sam somehow bring out a little bit of light in me? 

 Brother Sam did say all the answers were in here. I’m not sure he meant the answers to my kinds of questions