Michael C. Hall At Daniel Licht Music Concert

Michael C. Hall Daniel Licht  

On June 10 at Largo at the Coronet, a very special musical event was held for Dexter. The concert featured composer Daniel Licht with special guest Rolfe Kent and an introduction from Dexter himself – Michael C. Hall.

Michael C. Hall told The Hollywood Reporter that he believes that the music plays a key role in the show. “I feel like it’s a fundamental part, as much as any character,” Hall said. “The aural landscape that is created, that Dan creates, that Rolfe creates with his main title music — it really sets the tone for us. It is as a fundamental part of the show as aesthetics.”

The show featured abstract instruments such as a glockenspiel, theremin, knives, duct tape, wine glasses, saws, and scissors. More traditional instruments such as flutes, violins, guitars, cellos, mandolins, drums and violas were also used. “I used a human femur which was an ancient Aztec instrument as a percussion instrument,” Licht told THR. He has also recorded with sacrificial drums. 

 Daniel Licht and his musicians played some of the more well known tracks from Dexter such as “Escalate,” “Truth/Birthday,” “Ice Truck” and what’s known as Licht’s Jaws: “Blood Theme.” New tracks such as “Long Way Home,” written about Lila from the second season, were featured as well. When asked about the music in the upcoming season, Licht said, “I don’t know, I don’t actually work on the show. I see it when they cut it. I don’t like to read the scripts so I am going to be surprised by what is going to happen. But I will try and make it exciting.”

Dexter fans will just have to wait to see what new music Daniel Licht brings to the seventh season, debuting on Sunday, Sept. 30.

Michael C. Hall Lists His House At $1.995 million

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall has listed his house in the Hollywood Hills at $1.995 million, according to Los Angeles Times.

Built in 1933 as a Spanish-style home with a red tile roof, the house was modernized by mid-century architect Hal Levitt, who used it as his personal residence for four decades starting in 1964. Large windows bring light into the vaulted-ceiling living room. The redesigned kitchen opens to a patio with a fire pit adjacent to the backyard pool. The 3,535-square-foot house features four bedrooms and five bathrooms. There is a gym/guest bedroom on the lower level.

Jeff Kohl and Josh Myler at the Agency are the listing agents, according to the company’s website.