Michael C. Hall: “C.S.Lee Is Vince Masuka At This Point”

Michael C. Hall Dexter Season 7 Interview

Michael C. Hall spoke about his co-star C.S. Lee during the interview for “The INNERview” on the set of Dexter season 7. Read more after the jump.

“C.S. [Lee] is Vince Masuka at this point. There were just words on a page and once C.S. came on the set, those words on the page were replaced by the flash and blood person that C.S. is and a lot of his lines are outrageous or silly or intended to give the audience an opportunity to laugh.” He also added: “I think if I could play any other character on the show it would probably be Masuka.”

Michael C. Hall Behind Scenes At The 2012 Emmy Round Table

Michael C. Hall Emmy Round Table

Michael C. Hall, Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad”, Julianna Margulies of “The Good Wife,” Jon Hamm of “Mad Men” and Claire Danes of “Homeland” are on five of the most critically acclaimed dramas on television, playing five of the most riveting characters ever written for the small screen.  The following photos were taken at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, on May 1 for the Los Angeles Times Emmy Round Table.

Michael C. Hall Emmys Round Table

What’s the hardest scene you’ve ever done? Do you ever look at scripts and just go, I can’t do this? 

Michael C. Hall: Sometimes I’ll maybe take issue with how something’s happening, but as far as what happens, it always is justifiable. When we started out, it was kind of like walking a tightrope, you know, there’s a serial killer, he says he’s not human, we’re meant to be maybe suspicious about that, and at this point it feels like walking a piece of dental floss or something as opposed to a tightrope.

Did you guys do research on your characters? I mean, you’ve got, you know, a meth dealer, a lawyer, a killer, a CIA …I assume, Michael, that you did not …

Michael C. Hall: Yeah, it requires an imagination, ultimately. Unless you’re willing to kill people, but still I’m not compelled to kill people, you know? So even if I were to kill people, I wouldn’t really know what it feels like to him, so I’ve got to think about what I’m compelled to do and use that. So research, yeah, I did some. But I think, ultimately, the more research that I did into the serial killer, I realized that Dexter is maybe a unique creation. You can’t really attribute how he goes about doing what he does to any real killer.

There’s a whole world of blogs and, you know, show recappers — people are actually fact-checking things in fictional TV shows, often affectionately. I mean, they’re really obsessed, and I think it’s an extension of their enjoyment, but how do you guys feel about that? Do you sort of ignore it? Does it add anything to it for you guys?

Michael C. Hall: In creating a sense of longing in an audience for something that doesn’t necessarily make sense isn’t — it’s not something you have to honor directly; you don’t have to give it to them. I mean, the fact that they have a sense of longing means that they have a sense of investment in the world …

Michael C. Hall Emmy Round Tablesource: Los Angeles Times

Michael C. Hall At Daniel Licht Music Concert

Michael C. Hall Daniel Licht  

On June 10 at Largo at the Coronet, a very special musical event was held for Dexter. The concert featured composer Daniel Licht with special guest Rolfe Kent and an introduction from Dexter himself – Michael C. Hall.

Michael C. Hall told The Hollywood Reporter that he believes that the music plays a key role in the show. “I feel like it’s a fundamental part, as much as any character,” Hall said. “The aural landscape that is created, that Dan creates, that Rolfe creates with his main title music — it really sets the tone for us. It is as a fundamental part of the show as aesthetics.”

The show featured abstract instruments such as a glockenspiel, theremin, knives, duct tape, wine glasses, saws, and scissors. More traditional instruments such as flutes, violins, guitars, cellos, mandolins, drums and violas were also used. “I used a human femur which was an ancient Aztec instrument as a percussion instrument,” Licht told THR. He has also recorded with sacrificial drums. 

 Daniel Licht and his musicians played some of the more well known tracks from Dexter such as “Escalate,” “Truth/Birthday,” “Ice Truck” and what’s known as Licht’s Jaws: “Blood Theme.” New tracks such as “Long Way Home,” written about Lila from the second season, were featured as well. When asked about the music in the upcoming season, Licht said, “I don’t know, I don’t actually work on the show. I see it when they cut it. I don’t like to read the scripts so I am going to be surprised by what is going to happen. But I will try and make it exciting.”

Dexter fans will just have to wait to see what new music Daniel Licht brings to the seventh season, debuting on Sunday, Sept. 30.