Michael C. Hall To Star In “Literary Death Match TV: The Pilot”

   Michael C. Hall Literary Death Match TV: The Pilot

Michael C. Hall will star in “Literary Death Match TV: The Pilot”, a live event/taping that will take place on October 9 in Los Angeles at the historic Largo at the Coronet. [notice]The show has been POSTPONED. Here’s why: “While the Largo is historic and gorgeous and amazing in all kinds of ways — if you’ve been there, you know — it’s also strikingly intimate. That means having the amount of cameras we need to shoot an earth-quaking pilot just wasn’t possible in the space. Which we’ve just discovered. So we decided — and it was a hard decision that, miraculously, is very quickly proving to be the right one — that this is a moment, and a show, we cannot compromise. we’re at work on finding another, perfect, gorgeous theater that fits our every need. The date is in limbo, but we’re going to aim for December, though nothing is concrete”.[/notice]

The pilot will also star Susan Orlean (The Orchid Thief; Rin Tin Tin), the musician Moby (Play; Destroyed), comedian/author Jenny Slate (SNL; author of “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On”), host Todd Zuniga (LDM creator, and a LA Times “Face to Watch” for 2012), author Ben Loory (author of “Stories for the Nighttime and Some for the Day”) and many more. Tickets on sale soon!

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Michael C. Hall About The Relationship Between Dexter And Deb

Michael C. Hall Dexter TCA 2012

Michael C. Hall talked about the fundamental Deb / Dexter relationship changes in season 7 at TCA 2012 in Los Angeles.  Read more after the jump.

“There are some awfully big pills he’s asking her to swallow,” Michael said. “It fundamentally changes their dynamic, though Dexter is such a master of compartmentalization and such a matter of fact person in terms of his relationship to what he does that he wonders why Deb doesn’t just say ‘Well, I know more about you now, and that connects some dots for me, and now we can just move on.’ That’s his fantasy of what her response would be,” Michael C. Hall explained the events that come in the season premiere. “It’s a relief and yet simultaneously a huge problem and a real bear for them both to wrestle with…It’s certainly one of the shadows that’s looming. He has other, more traditional big bads to deal with, but I think the big thing to negotiate is her and their relationship and what she’s going to do with this information.”

Dexter season 7 as a whole will take a new look at Dexter and Deb’s relationship as we have known it over the years by introducing new flashbacks to their childhood dynamic, as well. By getting new insight into Young Debra and Young Dexter and both their relationships with Harry, Michael C. Hall pointed out that Debra will have to deal with the fact that perhaps more signs were there than she wanted to acknowledge. “Actually it’s in the second episode, but she has a line, something to the effect of ‘I am the worst detective in the world. You’re my brother, and how did I…Hall smiled. “Just as there’s a sense of horror and relief for Dexter saying ‘Yes, I’m doing this; this is who I am,’ I think there’s a degree of horror and relief for her. A lot of her sort of gnawing ‘What is that feeling I have about my childhood and Dexter and dad?’– all of those questions are kind of answered. So there’s a sense of relief, even if it’s bitter relief.” And now that she sees them, she feels it is her duty to do something about them. 

“Deb is trying to fill his time with work when he would otherwise be filled with stalking and killing people,” Hall previewed. “He, as a result, comes into contact with Yvonne Strahovski’s character, Hannah McKay, and there’s an immediate, unspoken sense– not only about her, but that she seems to have about him. They are, from the first time they meet, circling each other, to a degree. Dexter is always someone who has been a magnet for chaos, and he finds it with her and what happens between them.”

Michael C. Hall admitted that Dexter doesn’t– and probably never will– apologize for who he is, not even to Debra. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try to make her understand in his own way. “I do think is interesting is watching Dexter defend himself. He does so with Deb. You realize while he’s never wanted this to happen, he’s been preparing his defense his whole life”.   

Hall was happy to receive the scripts that showed him Debra would finally be clued in. He shared that as an actor, it’s giving him a whole new set of challenges to negotiate for the character and a fresh energy in the stories and scenes. “Moving forward and finding a way to reinvigorate and re-energize the show, I think it was definitely a great storytelling turn to make at this point. This season feels as fresh and genuinely new as this show has ever felt, truly. And it has everything to do with the fact that his secret is not just his own now.”  

source: Examiner

Michael C. Hall: “Dexter Is A Lot More Fastidious Than I Am”

Michael C. Hall Dexter

Michael C. Hall was asked in what ways he and Dexter are alike, during San Diego Comic-Con 2012. “Um, we look a lot alike,” he offered. “Um, oh, boy. I think he’s definitely a lot more fastidious than I am. I don’t really pick up after myself as well as he does, but that wasn’t the question. It’s a tricky thing to play a character this long, and I think eventually the writers start to write not just for the characters but for the actors who are playing them. So I try not to spend too much time trying to assess the parallels between Dexter and myself, otherwise I’d go even crazier.”

source: Spinoff Online