Michael C. Hall: “Dexter Is A Lot More Fastidious Than I Am”

Michael C. Hall Dexter

Michael C. Hall was asked in what ways he and Dexter are alike, during San Diego Comic-Con 2012. “Um, we look a lot alike,” he offered. “Um, oh, boy. I think he’s definitely a lot more fastidious than I am. I don’t really pick up after myself as well as he does, but that wasn’t the question. It’s a tricky thing to play a character this long, and I think eventually the writers start to write not just for the characters but for the actors who are playing them. So I try not to spend too much time trying to assess the parallels between Dexter and myself, otherwise I’d go even crazier.”

source: Spinoff Online

Michael C. Hall Talks About ‘Dexter’ For EW Magazine

Michael C. Hall EW Magazine

Michael C. Hall talks about Dexter in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, now available on newsstands. This month, EW Magazine has a special Comic-Con Exclusive Scoop & Photos coverage and includes some new details about the seventh season of Dexter, including the photo above. 

Michael C. Hall promised a tense season for his serial-killer antihero: “I think the show is always at its best when he’s in hot water and he’s just going from pot to pot to pot of boiling water.”

Michael C. Hall: “C.S.Lee Is Vince Masuka At This Point”

Michael C. Hall Dexter Season 7 Interview

Michael C. Hall spoke about his co-star C.S. Lee during the interview for “The INNERview” on the set of Dexter season 7. Read more after the jump.

“C.S. [Lee] is Vince Masuka at this point. There were just words on a page and once C.S. came on the set, those words on the page were replaced by the flash and blood person that C.S. is and a lot of his lines are outrageous or silly or intended to give the audience an opportunity to laugh.” He also added: “I think if I could play any other character on the show it would probably be Masuka.”