Michael C. Hall Answers 6 Questions About Interior Design

Michael C. Hall Answers 6 Questions About Interior Designs

Michael C. Hall proves he knows more than a thing or two about interiors. The former “Dexter” star answers six questions regarding interior design for Lonny Magazine. Read them below. 

Where did your interest in design come from?  

I spent 10 weeks studying and living in Austria when I was in college, and fell in love with the art and architecture of fin-de-siecle Vienna. That was probably the first time I became aware of an interest.  

What’s the first thing people comment on when they come over? 

The generous proportions of the rooms and the abundant light.  

Aside from the Powder Room, what immediately attracted you to the house?

The fusion of Spanish – style architecture with a colonial floor plan was a turn-on. 

Is there anything that made its way into your art collection in an unexpected manner?

The photo of Sitting Bull with the caption “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children” was left in the Hollywood house I owned previously. I think that one will always stay with me.  

What is your favourite piece in the house?

The orange bench in the kitchen, which is mid-1960s and originally from a German university. Its sturdy structure and bold color soothes and reassures me. And it is remarkably comfortable. It’s a forever piece, for sure. 

Given the fact that you recently put your place on the market, what will your defining memory of it be? 

The way it feels. Simultaneously open and cozy. Private yet inviting. There are so many wonderful places to be, but I think my favorite spot is sitting at the head of the dining table, looking down its length with a view straight out the living room window. 

Michael C. Hall On “Dexter” Ending: “He’s Still Alive And There Is An Open-Ended Nature To That”

Michael C. Hall On "Dexter" Ending: "He's Still Alive And There Is An Open-Ended Nature To That"

Via Independent: It’s not a year since Dexter, everyone’s favourite serial killer with a skewed moral code failed to meet his maker in fitting context and found himself instead logging the forests of Pacific North West under a bearded new guise. But surely Michael C. Hall‘s homicidal fan requests would have quelled, even just a smidge. “No no,” softly chuckles the actor, whose speech pattern is intercepted by so many drawn-out pauses. “They’ve intensified if anything. And I’m more than happy to take pictures with people but it’s the stuff beyond that.”  

So, still bombarded with requests of ‘Dexter, please kill me?’  

“Yes! And I turn them down if they want me to actually act like I’m killing them. ‘No, no, not unless you pay me,’ I say.” 

For eight seasons (perhaps three too long?) Hall majestically embodied the charming, ferocious sociopath, a blood spatter analyst with a double existence as a ‘existential leveller’, a vigilante killer of killers who escaped between the cracks of a flawed judicial system. 

Violent yet also remarkably docile, it was the role of a lifetime for the former Six Feet Under star, who’d previously crossed the primetime boundaries as sexually suppressed undertaker, David Fisher. Hall admits however, after another long, yawning silent break in the conversation, he struggled with Dexter’s ultimate intention. “Particularly a character like Dexter with the twists and turns in the story, it becomes difficult to wrap your head around. I do know in season three, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that Dexter was getting married and having a child and making all these commitments. His behaviours were much more contradictory than I was able to understand. But that’s a part of the story.”

And the rubbish ending? Michael himself has been previously quoted saying that even he would have liked to see Dexter croak it … “I didn’t say that I wasn’t happy that they didn’t kill him off,” he says, resolving his purports. “I’m just aware that many people are expressing that they aren’t. So many ways they could have ended it. I’m sad that this didn’t resonate with more people as an emotionally satisfying ending but I find it plausible. Undeniably, he’s still alive and there is an open-ended nature to that…” He anticipates my predictable response, ” … and yes, possibly a desire to revisit the character at some point in the story but there are no specific plans to do that.” 

Previously married to his Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter, and now involved with Morgan Macgregor, a fiction writer and book reviewer, Hall’s conversation is dotted with existential odes; ‘life is a journey’; ‘you can’t plan too far ahead’; ‘play every day as it comes.’  

Growing up an only child after his older sister passed away in infancy, he also lost his father to cancer when only 11 years old. Then Michael himself developed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma during shooting for the fourth series of Dexter. His logic and general stance on life is absolutely understandable. He went public when accepting his Golden Globe for Actor in a TV series drama, wearing a black knitted cap, at the start of 2010. The ripples have swelled and danced since. 

“I really hadn’t appreciated that that would mean so much to so many people. I felt compelled to explain why I didn’t have any eyebrows and I’m glad I did.” 

A figure of inspiration for so many, the now cured actor finds himself happily speaking about his experiences almost daily. “I have people approach me all the time to let me know that they or somebody they love is struggling with or has survived or has succumbed to… provided them with some strength or comfort or solidarity, that’s very gratifying.”  

He speaks about finishing off his Broadway play, before skating round the bare details of a ‘couple indie’s I’m looking at working on’. 

“Where do I see myself in five years’ time?” he asks, again and again. “Where indeed? I don’t know. On planet earth, sipping coffee.”  

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Michael C. Hall Describes Dexter’s Fragrance At The 2014 Fragrance Foundation Awards

Michael C. Hall Describes Dexter's Fragrance At The 2014 Fragrance AwardsMichael C. Hall described Dexter’s fragrance for W Magazine during the 2014 Fragrance Foundation Awards.  

If Dexter had a fragrance, what would it smell like? 

It would be a very sharp, decisive smell. There would be blood, steel and plastic notes in it. It would be appropriate for a man or a woman, if that man or woman deserved to wear it.  

And I imagine the tagline would be “To Kill For?”

Oh yeah. Or “To Die For”. 

Julie Benz On Modern Dog Magazine: “Bamboo And Sugar Grew Up On The Dexter Set”

Julie Benz On Modern Dog Magazine: "Bamboo And Sugar Grew Up On The Dexter Set"

Julie Benz is on the Summer issue of Modern Dog magazine. The dog-loving actress talks about her experiences volunteering for animal groups, her ideal day spent with her pups, “Dexter” and more.

Tell us a bit about your two dogs.

Bamboo is a seven-year-old Morkie [Maltese Yorkie cross] and he’s a hot mess. He loves to bark and protect the yard from intruders (squirrels), but becomes a nervous wreck when I start cooking in the kitchen (he hides in the closet!) and he loves to fall asleep in my arms. Sugar is a five-year-old Havanese and she’s so easy going. I can take her anywhere and know that she will behave. She’s very in tune to our needs and does whatever she can to please us. However, do not disturb her when she sleeps!  

Can you tell us a bit about your experiences volunteering for animal groups? 

I was very active in spreading the word about Patrick the Miracle Dog and the movement that has become known as Patrick’s Law. Patrick’s Law aims to pursue strong animal welfare legislation at a State and Federal level. [Patrick was an emaciated Pit Bull discovered at the bottom of a trash chute in Newark. He had been tied to a railing and starved near to death before being tossed out with the trash. Patrick, as he was named, was discovered moments before a trash compactor would have killed him; amazingly, made a full recovery, in the process garnering fans around the world.] I had the opportunity to meet Patrick very early in his recovery. When I met him he climbed into my arms, rested his head on my shoulder, and stayed like that for a very long time. He was so trusting even though his human had neglected him so severely. 

Do your dogs ever come on set with you? 

Yes! Bamboo and Sugar grew up on the Dexter set. I’m fortunate that they are able to travel with me and come to work with me. Bamboo even had a featured role in Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Sugar is awesome on set, she will sit quietly under my chair, not react to gunfire or explosions, but if you have to kiss me in a scene, she becomes very vocal!

What has been your favourite movie or TV role to date and why? We’re big Buffy fans here at Modern Dog.  

It’s hard to pick a favourite! Working on Dexter was amazing, I felt like I was in a master acting class working opposite Michael C. Hall. Playing Darla (Buffy/Angel) was a roller coaster ride, I never knew what she was going to do next! Robin (Desperate Housewives) was so fun and quirky and a real character role for me. Amanda (Defiance) is a total bad ass. I get to be challenged emotionally as well as physically every day and for that I am very fortunate and grateful. 

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