Dexter Season 8 Begins Production On February 2013

Dexter Season 8

Dexter season 8 begins production on February 2013. The writers of the show will start writing the final season next week, according to Dexter’s writer / producer Scott Reynolds. More after the jump.

Michael C. Hall said in a recent interview: “We’re going to go back to start shooting the final season earlier than usual. We’re going to be a bit ahead of schedule. We’ll start shooting in February. So I think the writers will maybe have a long weekend and get right back to it. As a result I think everyone is thinking about what the end game is. Nothing definitive is on the books, but the conversation feels a lot more real than it’s ever felt.” 

There’s also a rumor regarding the eighth and final season of Dexter, that it will possibly be longer than the typical twelve episodes per season. More specifically, season 8 will have 16 episodes.

source: Dexter Brasil / Dexter Daily