Michael C. Hall Will Join “Tits of Clay” Band At Don Hill Tribute

Michael C. Hall Will Join "Tits of Clay" Band At Don Hill TributeMichael C. Hall, currently starring in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, will join his onstage band “Tits of Clay” and the show’s composer and co-creator,Stephen Trask, at Don Hill’s, the site of the show’s genesis, for a special tribute and benefit concert Dec. 7.

The show will pay tribute to booker, promoter and club owner Don Hill and will benefit Road Recovery, a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to helping young people battle addiction. Doors open at 8 PM. The concert will also feature special guest New York Doll David Johansen, and the band Ours will play a special opening set. More info at playbill.com.

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Jeff Lindsay’s Next Book Might Be His Final “Dexter” Thriller

Jeff Lindsay's Next Book Might Be His Final "Dexter" Thriller

The best-selling author and Dexter’s creator Jeff Lindsay won’t say exactly what happens to his popular “good-guy” serial killer in his next Dexter book, which is expected to come out next year. But he does say it’ll probably be his final Dexter thriller, according to News Press

“It’s been sitting with the editor for about two months now,” Lindsay says. “I think that’ll be the last of Dexter.” 

Lindsay is already working on several new projects, including two Hollywood screenplays (he worked in Hollywood for 12 years before striking it big with the Dexter books), a stage play and an idea for another series of novels in the thriller genre. Besides, he doesn’t want to overstay his welcome and write tepid, uninspired sequels like so many authors have done. 

“Dexter has been very, very good to me,” he says. “I would rather stop doing it than cheapen it.” 

Surprisingly, Lindsay never saw the final season of the TV series. He says he stopped watching after about season four. It wasn’t because he didn’t like the show. He says he just got too busy with writing and book tours and other engagements. “I don’t have much time to sit and watch a lot of TV,” he says. “And I can’t really binge-watch.” 

The TV series took some deep departures from his books. Lindsay says he accepted them as necessary changes for a TV adaptation, but the two versions of his beloved character are very different. The TV series, for example, humanized Dexter to make him more likable and also jettisoned the concept of Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” — an inner demon that urges Dexter to kill other serial killers and bad guys. Lindsay’s Dexter is an unrepentant psychopath who only pretends to be human. “They can’t reform,” he says. 

Lindsay has mixed feelings about his books coming to an end. But he says he’ll never say never when it comes to more Dexter books. Dexter’s popularity has died down some since the TV series ended. But if people clamor for more Dexter, he says he’ll likely give it to them. He compares his novel’s ending to “The Final Problem,” the famous Sherlock Holmes story where the detective appears to fall to his death from the top of Reichenbach Falls. But then writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle brought back Sherlock after public outcry. 

“I’ve left a small opening,” Lindsay says about the ending. “But if everybody else in the world has moved on, then so will I.” Besides, Lindsay says he’s looking forward to writing about something else for a change. “Everything ends,” he says. “I’m not tired of it yet, but I need to move on.” 

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*photo: Rebecca T for The Literary Connoisseur

Jennifer Carpenter Will Executive Produce NBC Series “Death Class”

Jennifer Carpenter Will Executive Produce NBC Series "Death Class"Jennifer Carpenter is reuniting with an old co-worker: she is teaming up with “Dexter” producer Sara Colleton to develop a new television series for NBC. The pair will work together on a literary adaptation called “Death Class.”

The new NBC series will be an adaptation of “Death Class: A True Story About Life,” a book written by former journalist Erika Hayasaki of The Los Angeles Times.
The plot focuses on a nurse, Norma Bowe, who decides to teach a college class about death. The class becomes incredibly popular and Bowe continues to teach for years. The students are not simply eager to discuss death, they seek comfort in the class and want to make the most of life. 

Carpenter will be executive producing with Colleton, who served as an executive producer for “Dexter.” At the moment, there is no indication that Carpenter is planning to star in the show.

Carpenter optioned the “Death Class” novel in April of this year. She and Colleton are currently searching for a writer to pen the show’s pilot episode. Considering the success of “Dexter,” the pair’s upcoming project has the potential to become a hit as well.

Details on a premiere date or potential casting for the new NBC series are not yet available.





“Cold In July” – Starring Michael C. Hall – Blu-ray & DVD Release

"Cold In July" - Starring Michael C. Hall - Blu-ray & DVD Release

IFC Films and MPI Home Video have detailed their upcoming Blu-ray release of director Jim Mickle’s crime thriller “Cold in July” (2014), starring Michael C. Hall, Don Johnson, Sam Shepard, Vinessa Shaw, Nick Damici, and Ken Holmes. The movie will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand on October 20. You can preorder it here.  

“Cold in July” is based on a novel by Joe R. Lansdale and was adapted for the screen by Mickle and his writing partner, Nick Damici. Set in 1989, Michael C. Hall stars as Richard, a small town picture framer whose house is broken into during the opening frames. While his young son sleeps in another room, and his wife (Vinessa Shaw) waits nervously in their bed, Richard load a revolver, his hands shaking, to protect his family and confront he intruder in their living room. Standing before the robber, a clock chimes, startling Richard, and he accidentally puts a bullet through the other man’s skull.  

Richard is hailed a hero, but he just wants life to return to normal. Unfortunately, the man he killed is a hood named Freddy, and Freddy’s old man, an ex-con named Ben (played by the great Sam Shepard) wants revenge for his kid’s death. As Richard pushes the local police for more protection for his family, he makes a startling discovery: the man he shot may not have been Freddy. This turn of events leads Richard down a dark road of corruption, violence and terror. He realizes that those paid to serve and protect may not have his family’s well-being in mind, and the people who should be his enemies are the only ones he can rely on. 

The Blu-ray features include feature length commentary with the cast and crew, deleted scenes, early visualization test, and Jeff Grace’s score on an isolated track. 

To celebrate the release of “Cold In July” on DVD, Blu-ray and On Demand, you can enter the Total Film competition and design a Cold In July VHS Box Cover. Whether you decide to draw, paint or use photoshop to create your design, your artistic skills will be judged by none other than the director of the film himself – Jim Mickle. The prize is a limited edition steelbook. Click here for details, terms and conditions. 

"Cold In July" - Starring Michael C. Hall - Blu-ray & DVD Release