Jeff Lindsay Opens Up About The Last Book In His Dexter Series

Jeff Lindsay Opens Up About The Last Book In His Dexter Series

After more than a decade of slashing and slicing, the popular “Dexter” novels are coming to an end. This summer, New York Times bestselling author Jeff Lindsay will publish his eighth and final “Dexter” novel. WINK News spoke one-on-one with him as he closes this important chapter of his life and career. Hit the jump for more. 

Before he sliced his way to prime-time popularity on television, Dexter Morgan first fascinated fans in the pages of novels. “People like the guy,” said Lindsay. “He’s a monster, but people like him.” So much so, the “Dexter” novels inspired the hit Showtime series which lasted eight seasons and won multiple Golden Globes. “It didn’t just surprise me, I was stunned, and at the same time appalled because it’s a serial killer,” said Lindsay. 

A serial killer with a code. Dexter doubles as a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Police Department and only kills bad people. “If he was in the police, he would know how they were working, if they were on his trail,” said Lindsay. 

With each novel, Lindsay did intense research, spending hours at police stations and reading old case files. He even got experts to approve his books, all to give readers the most authentic experience. “As authentic as I can make them. I have friends who do forensics, and if I have a question, I can call and ask them,” said Lindsay.

The plots of each novel run the range from murder, to cannibalism, even art and show business. 

Now, Lindsay is closing the book. His eighth and final “Dexter” novel,”Dexter is Dead,”comes out in July. Lindsay admits, as he puts words to paper this time around, saying goodbye to his dark and disturbing character wasn’t easy. “I was behaving like I had classic, post disaster depression and I didn’t realize it.”


It took Lindsay between six weeks to a year and a half to write each “Dexter” novel. In an ironic twist, his final novel starts out with Dexter in jail, charged with a murder he didn’t commit.


“Dexter” Author Jeff Lindsay To Attend Southwest Florida Reading Festival

Jeff Lindsay To Attend Southwest Florida Reading FestivalThe Southwest Florida Reading Festival has announced 29 well-known and bestselling authors for its March event in downtown Fort Myers. This year’s line-up includes “Dexter” thriller novelist Jeff Lindsay, romance writer Susan Mallery, renowned poet Richard Blanco and more.  

The authors will meet their fans and chat about their books at the 16th-annual event in Centennial Park and Harborside Event Center. The two-day fest features popular authors for adults, teens and children. Activities include author lectures and programs, kids activities, contests, book signings, a teen battle of the bands and a free book for every child and teenager. 

The fest starts Friday, March 20, with its Evening with the Authors at The Marina at Edison Ford in downtown Fort Myers. That’s where people can meet, mingle and dine with many of the writers. Then the main fest takes place on Saturday, March 21. All Saturday activities are free. Tickets for Evening with the Authors are $45-50. They’re on sale through March 5. 


“Dexter” Star Jennifer Carpenter Is Pregnant!

"Dexter" Star Jennifer Carpenter Is Pregnant!



Congrats! Jennifer Carpenter is pregnant and engaged to boyfriend Seth Avett (of The Avett Brothers)! Carpenter first started dating the musician in June 2013, after years of being just friends.

“Jennifer met Seth about four years ago at a concert,” an insider told Us Weekly. “She loves music and has always been a big supporter of the band. The relationship developed over the past few months.” 

“They have a lot in common and seem to have a similar sense of humor,” the source added. “There is an ease about their relationship. They are a good match.”

Avett was previously married to Susan Avett, whom he divorced in 2013.

"Dexter" Star Jennifer Carpenter Is Pregnant!


Showtime President David Nevins: “No One Pitched The Idea Of Killing Dexter”

Showtime President David Nevins: "No One Pitched The Idea Of Killing Dexter"

Showtime President David Nevins attends a Q&A session for the Television Critics Association. During this, he puts to bed one persistent Internet rumor – no, Showtime executives did not pressure the Dexter show runners to keep the protagonist alive at the end of the series.  “It was never even discussed with me. No one pitched the idea of killing Dexter. The only one who wanted to die was David Duchovny [as the character of Hank Moody on “Californication”, which ended its seven-season run earlier this year]. Maybe half-facetiously, but he always thought Hank Moody should go out in a blaze of glory. But neither Michael [C. Hall, who played Dexter] nor the producers ever thought that was the appropriate ending, that Dexter should die. Honestly, it was never discussed.” 

So does this mean Showtime might come back to the character of Dexter at some point? “It’s always a possibility. Worked for Jack Bauer. Worked for the Bluth family.” 

source: Assignment X