Michael C. Hall Films “Cold In July” In Kingston

Michael C. Hall Cold In July

Via recordonline: KINGSTON – Inside an inconspicuous Broadway mini-market in Midtown Tuesday afternoon, a story of death, violence and deception was unfolding starring a man known by millions as a serial killer. At least on film. Actor Michael C. Hall, best known for starring as a serial killer in the Showtime series “Dexter,” is shooting scenes in Kingston over the next month as the star of the indie film “Cold in July”, directed by Jim Mickle. 

It’s the fourth film to be shot in the Hudson Valley in 2013, with one more set to start, said Laurent Rejto of the non-profit Hudson Valley Film Commission. But it’s the first film to be based in and shooting exclusively in Kingston this year.  

In the film, Michael C. Hall will play protagonist Richard Dane, a man who kills a burglar in self-defense after his house gets broken into. Even though Dane was clearly the innocent guy, the thief’s father doesn’t see it that way and plans to enact Old Testament-style of revenge.

More news and photos from the set coming soon.

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