Michael C. Hall At Lamb Of God Concert

Michael C. Hall Lamb Of God Concert

Lamb of God vocalist Randall Blythe posted the above photo of Michael C. Hall on his official Instagram account last week, at one of his concerts, in their dressing room.  

Blythe added: “Another LA dressing room shot. This is this dude Mike I met that night. Ben, my bad-ass editor over at Da Capo/Perseus (publishing company that’s putting out my book in North America) was coming to the show & asked if it was cool for a plus one on the list, as he wanted to bring a friend. (…) I thought maybe Mike was his editorial assistant at Da Capo or something – he was a super chill dude.  

Then I noticed A LOT of people started getting on & off our bus, more than normal. Then our video guy Doug asked Mike for a picture, like ‘My wife will kill me if I don’t get a photo with you’ – Mike said sure. Doug left & I was like ‘Bro, who ARE you?’ I thought maybe he was some sort of rockstar editor I didn’t know about (are there such things?) or maybe in porn or something, hahaha. 

He just looked at me & was like ‘I’m an actor, I was on a tv show called Dexter & another one called Six Feet Under’ I said ‘Oh, that’s cool. I don’t watch tv. I’m sorry I don’t know your show.’ Then I realized that I was saying EXACTLY to him what people who don’t know my band say ‘Oh, I’m sorry I’ve never heard of you’ – IT’S OK! NOT EVERYONE IS A METALHEAD! So I said ‘Wait dude, I’m NOT sorry I don’t watch tv, but it’s really nice to meet you’ & then we just kicked it with all our other guests until we played. Mike was mad chill & watched the show & I hope he had a good time & didn’t get ‘Dextered’ to death.”

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