Michael C. Hall As David Kammerer In ‘Kill Your Darlings’

Michael C. Hall as David Kammerer

More casting news were revealed a couple of days ago regarding the new movie ‘Kill Your Darlings’. Apparently, Dane DeHaan, who just topped the box office this month in the generally well-received found-footage movie Chronicle, is set to play the murderer Lucien Carr, while Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall will be playing the victim, David Kammerer. 

‘Kill Your Darlings’ is about the sordid story at the start of the Beats, involving the poet Lucien Carr who was friends with Kerouac and William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. Carr murdered a man named David Kammerer, supposedly because Kammerer came onto him. 

 Carr was a good looking Columbia undergraduate and aspiring poet; Kammerer was his much older devotee, who had followed Carr across the country to various schools and states in order to be near him. Burroughs had been friends with the two men since his youth in St. Louis, and Kerouac came to know both of them well in New York. Carr stabbed Kammerer in the chest in Riverside Park after Kammerer allegedly attempted to force himself on Carr, after which Carr tied him up with shoelaces, weighted him down with rocks, and threw him in the Hudson River. The precise contours of Carr’s sexuality were ambiguous but the story of the homosexual Kammerer attempting to have his way with the unwilling Carr was the one that was presented to the police and the courts. Carr confessed the murder to Burroughs immediately, then spent the next day drinking, watching movies, and looking at paintings with Kerouac before hiring a lawyer and turning himself in to the police. Both Kerouac and Burroughs were held as material witnesses due to their interactions with Carr after the murder, and Kerouac spent weeks in jail, bailed out by his girlfriend Edie Parker’s parents only after he married her while incarcerated. Burroughs was quickly bailed out by his wealthy parents and hustled back to his childhood home in St. Louis.

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2 Responses to Michael C. Hall As David Kammerer In ‘Kill Your Darlings’

  1. barbara says:

    it is a shame that the articals written about david are not all true! concidering the fact that not all told the truth but only to shame the kammerer name ! and to cover the real truth! no one mentioned davids sister or his mother did you ask any of his family of his real life? no! none not even the athorities did they? i see no truth in this hatefull story against david kammerer .but i do believe that his murder should have gottin the electric chair.

    • Dexter Weekly says:

      This is everything I could find related to the case, of course considering the fact that it happened long time ago it’s a little bit hard to have access to the police files and everything related to it, but we should wait for the movie to be released next year and hopefully you’ll get a different story.

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