‘Dexter’s Debut’ By Jeff Lindsay

Jeff Lindsay Dexter's Debut Global bestseller Dexter returns in another wickedly twisted tale of Miami lowlife in the seventh novel, ‘Dexter’s Debut’ by Jeff Lindsay. 

Cop shows are bringing revenue to Miami and Dexter Morgan is asked to be an adviser for the filming of a new show on top of his regular job as Miami PD’s blood spatter analyst. But things take a distinctly dark turn  when the leading actress on the show keels over from a very real bullet on the set, in front of him. With the press going crazy that the murder took place under the very nose of Miami’s finest, Dexter and Debs are under pressure to wrap the case. When their lead suspect turns up dead, and then Rita and Cody are found bound, gagged and barely alive, Dexter knows he’s truly met his match…

‘Dexter’s Debut’ publication date: October, 25.

photo: property of Palley Promotes, Miami Book Fair International

 UPDATED!Dexter's Debut   ‘Dexter’s Debut’ will be available next spring, 2013!

  Available for pre-order on  Amazon, The Book Depository, Orion Publishing Group, Waterstones and Play

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2 Responses to ‘Dexter’s Debut’ By Jeff Lindsay

  1. Spink says:

    Well if the Dexter series wasn’t one bad rehash of it’s predecessor, with an even more unlikely villain each time, more people might buy your books, Jeff. Then your publishers would want to put your work on the shelves on time… Just a hint. Why not try working TOWARDS something? Like Dexter’s humanity or definitive end?

    • Xina the Awesome says:

      I happen to love his books and look forward to each one. Thanks Jeff for creating such memorable characters.

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