DEXTER – The Greatest TV Pilot Since 2000

 DexterAccording to, ‘Dexter’ stands on number 7 as one of the greatest TV pilots since 2000. 

 “Dexter thirsts for blood and killing, and the only way that constant obsession is satisfied is by taking the lives of the guilty. The duality of Dexter as both a vicious beast and puny lab geek are played brilliantly by star Michael C. Hall, who stares between the eyes as the lights in them go out, yet has no emotional feeling beyond his bloodlust, making him one of the most curious characters on television. Is he a hero? Is he a villain? Murderers have zero business being likable, but there’s never been one on television with this jaded sense of morality, this warped a vision of the world around him. Dexter’s pilot doesn’t shy away from being deathly dark—and dare we say, delicious.” (Terron R. Moore) 

 The new season of Dexter begins on September 30, only on Showtime.

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7 Responses to DEXTER – The Greatest TV Pilot Since 2000

  1. anny says:

    He dont have feelings? ahaha And Harrison?

  2. anny says:

    The man say I will always love you to Harrison, say love Deb, care about brother Sam, killing a man in a beach,,,,He kill peolpe and like so much, but if the same man say: I love,,,
    no makes sense this idea,,,” have no feelings”

  3. The pilot? That’s the name of the first episode of the first season

  4. we love dexter i love you mom ,this is gina speaking on anthonys page thank you for bieng such a loving mother in law to him .happy easter

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